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Purpose, Power &

Joy E. Mason

Joy E. Mason is a popular author, keynote speaker, encourager, artist and business owner who has helped women reclaim their confidence and live more joyfully. In her popular book, Purpose A Shift from Driving It to Embracing It, she courageously shares her personal roadmap to getting off the treadmill of a purpose-driven life. Joy inspires a growing tribe of women with the counterintuitive motto that purpose is not driven; it’s embraced.


Joy, however, didn’t always see life that way while working and raising a family. From 1988 to 2017, Joy worked at Eli Lilly and Company where she had several leadership roles. Joy achieved much success by leveraging her Microbiology and Pharmaceutics degrees, as well as her Six Sigma Black Belt certification. While successful, the sometimes-difficult navigation of a corporate environment contributed to exposing what felt like a paradox between wanting to be professionally successful and wanting to feel purposeful and fulfilled.

Joy began closing the gap between the crippling illusion of what she was supposed to be and the liberating truth of who she was by successfully executing an aggressive plan to retire at the age of 50. Joy is more intentional now about living authentically and joyfully. She started her own training and consulting business, Optimist Business Solutions, LLC, travels around the world, and she inspires women to embrace that every process can be improved, every problem can be solved and every life has purpose.  With her company Purpose, Power & Joy, she shows women there’s no need to fake it until you make it or to stay trapped on the grueling treadmill of incessant doing and doubt. Joy shows professional women the roadmap they’ve been looking for to finally live a life of purpose, power, and joy.

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