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Do you find yourself either overwhelmed by your schedule or overcome by your own self-doubt? You are not alone! You're doing the best you can but you're also exhausted. You need a break. Therefore, I invite you to take at least one hour in a day to power down so you can power back up. 


Take one hour in a virtual setting to explore the confidence that comes from reflection, the healing power of flowers, the soothing effect of natural teas, and the virtual exploration of exotic places. Women describe these gatherings as "amazing and beautiful"!

TOPIC: De-Stress in Egypt!

AUDIENCE: Busy Women


NEXT SESSION: December 5 at 5 PM EST


Stressed Woman
Women Colleagues


Has anyone taught you how to think strategically or how to be organizationally savvy? Has anyone taken the time to teach you how to get out of your own way? Imposter syndrome and weak word usage could be getting in your way!


We typically learn these things the hard way over the course of a career, but what if you could learn these skills and overcome barriers over several lunch hours. Want to know how it works? Click on the button below and simply type "Tell me more!"

FOCUS: Confidence

AUDIENCE: Emerging Leaders


FREQUENCY: Twice Monthly

COST: $87.50/Session

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Empowered Leader

If you are a female leader, its normal to have feelings of doubt regarding your leadership and effectiveness. Being a leader can be lonely and test your confidence.


What if I told you that you can gain the strategies and tools to be confidence and effectives following our our program of research-supported steps over 12 weeks?

FOCUS: Effectiveness


FORMAT: One on One


COST: Call for Pricing

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You will have the courage to quit doing things that disempower you. ​

You will have the confidence to lead.

You won’t need to fake it to make it.

You will take a step despite the fear.

You will find peace where you are.

You will finally choose you.

You will have a path to Joy.