• Joy E. Mason

Why Are You Waiting?

I retired at 50 because I was tired of waiting. It was time for my voice to roar, my presence to be felt and my light to shine. What are you waiting on?

The benefits of choosing YOU are:

  • You will have the courage to quit doing things that dis-empower you. ​

  • You will have the confidence to lead.

  • You won’t need to fake it to make it.

  • You will take a step despite the fear.

  • You will find peace where you are.

  • You will finally choose you.

  • You will have a path to Joy.

If you want to get in shape, you get a trainer, so if you want to get your power and joy back, get an accountability partner. Go to My Programs page to make an appointment. Stop waiting!

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Joy E Mason is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author, and artist. Having successfully navigated a career in corporate America and executed an aggressive plan to retire at the age of 50, Joy now focuses on leveraging her belief that every process can be improved, every problem can be solved and every life has a purpose.


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