What are trying to get back?

Find out how we can help you. 


You have a lot on your plate.

You don't have time to waste.

I get it! At the same time,

YOU must be your top priority. 

Purpose, Power and Joy

is an empowerment community for women.

We reveal your Purpose through shared experiences,

We harness your Power through personal and professional development, and

We renew your Joy through artistic expression.

We help you make YOU a priority.

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Finding Your PurposePowerandJoy 

1 Step at a Time

Step 1


Reaffirm the truth of who you are

Step 2


Renew yourself with our scientifically  proven activities

Step 3

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on your 


Step 4


Find an empowerment tribe you can trust

Step 5


Repeat the process 

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A Shift from Driving It to Embracing It

Do you question your purpose? Maybe you've mistakenly entangled your goals with your purpose.


What if I told you that your purpose is neither your goals nor your achievement? If you're ready to find out what your purpose truly is, read my book. 


Purposeshift Journal:

Healing with Nature

Do you need to slow down to smell the roses? Do you struggle with how to shift from the realities of life to a more peaceful, reflective place? 

Each Purposeshift journal page will inspire you to stop long enough to see yourself and your relationship with the living things around you in a new way.