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2023 Ready for a Reset

A New Year

Are you familiar with the song “Joy and Pain” by Frankie Beverly? Well, 2020 - 2022 definitely felt like years of joy and pain. We’ve all been through a lot. I am sincerely grateful that I got up this morning, and I also recognize that a new year to live out my hopes and dreams is a blessing. At the same time, I need to exhale deeply because the last few years have been a bumpy road. The past few years included sickness, the death of friends, brain surgery, weight gain, anxiety, frustration, political unrest, and significant life changes. That’s a lot for any one person to handle!

We all need to find a way to reset in 2023. I’m not a psychologist (my sister is) and I’m not a therapist, but I can recommend three strategies to reset our souls, bodies, and spirits:

  • Meditate or be still

  • Confide in someone

  • Move around

Meditate or Be Still

According to Deepak Chopra’s book Super Genes, meditators show a significant increase in an enzyme that builds the protective ends of our DNA. There is a possibility that this increased enzyme activity could slow down the body’s aging process. There are many studies that support the benefits of being still and meditating. Recommendation: When you wake up, sit up and close your eyes for five minutes. During the five minutes, listen to your breath slowly inhale and exhale. Image that the inhaled air is cool and fresh and the exhaled air is gray and smokey.

Confide in Someone

Holding in our feelings and emotions is not good for the body. We need to get it out. Seeing a therapist is a good idea, but its not always a viable option depending on insurance coverage. Recommendation: Seek just one trusted friend who will actively listen without judgment and solutions.

Move Around

Do you know the song “Jump Around, Jump Around” by the House of Pain? (I listen to a lot of music.) Well, a lot of us can no longer jump around like we used to, but we have to get moving. Over the past few years, I have been sitting at my desk for hours on Zoom meetings. I know I should take a break, but it’s difficult to get up when meetings are back to back and I’m trying to get things done. Now, my knees ache and I’ve picked up weight. Recommendation: Add an exercise app to your phone If you’re like me, you may not want to return to the gym quite yet. The Womens Workout app starts with seven-minute exercise routines to get you started. You can stop the app at any time and you can add more time when you’re ready. The app also includes yoga and weightlifting.

There you go. Reset strategies for 2023.

  • Be still (5 minutes when you wake up)

  • Confide in someone (Talk to someone you trust)

  • Move around (exercise for 7 minutes)

I send you hugs, peace, and love for 2023!

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