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Are You Fighting Acceptance?

On this journey called life, I have learned that acceptance is needed for me to live more peacefully and lovingly. I'm human and life will always be filled with mountains and valleys, joy and rain, sprints and crawls. For those of you who know me, I have had a lot of valleys lately! It’s been painful, but it is a season that will pass. Now more than ever, I seek mountains and joy!

Slowing down, walking in nature and reading the Word helps me with acceptance and gratitude. Sometimes, my mind defaults to what I'm supposed to say and what sounds good. I found that I could not write this authentically until my mind was ready to submit to my spirit. Fighting acceptance takes a lot of energy and it's draining. I attempted to write this blog three different times, but my mind wanted to respond perfectly and philosophically. My spirit is writing this today.

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