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Give it Up Already - Delegate!

I am a recovering perfectionist and with recovery, comes learning to delegate. I never thought I had a problem with delegation until I became a leader over 21 employees at the age of 27.

Becoming a leader meant I couldn't do all the things I could do as an individual contributor. You can usually sniff out a new leader. A new leader is still trying to do everything herself. Many women have refined the skill of doing everything so well themselves that delegation can feel like a sign of weakness. For some odd reason, women feel like we must do it all. Part of the need to hold on to everything is insecurity. Insecure leaders struggle with delegation.

When I became a new leader, I learned that the inability to delegate can lead to burnout, and it sends a signal to others that you don't trust them.

Everyone benefits when women learn the art of delegation. Delegating allows others at work and home to take on meaningful responsibilities for their professional and personal growth. Delegation also frees up time and energy so female leaders can focus on being strategic and innovative. Delegation is a necessary skill to lead.

This month, try identifying one task to delegate. Clearly communicate the what (not the how), the timeline and the check-in schedule. Now, it may not be done perfectly, but a small act of delegation will show others you trust them, and it'll free up some much needed time.

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